Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer musings

Happy Summer- so happy it is here! Wow it has been busy here I feel like I have not been able to come up for air. The studio has amazingly busy and I have been busy working on a few other projects one that I will share today.

The Farmhouse-( now named Teaselwood Farm), I have not posted much about progress recently, after living here for 7 years (the longest we have ever stayed in one house) we been itching to move for many reasons. After going back and forth so many times making my self crazy and sending my husband too many houses for sale (which he had no desire to see as he has his dream man barn-say no more) we have finally laid it (or should I say I laid) to rest and decided to stay put. 

We have a history of finding the unloved house and restoring them top to bottom and just as the last piece is nailed in we turn around and sell. I think we both get bored and itchy for something new and a new project.  I am not sure if  I am getting smarter or older and lack the energy or just know how much hard work it is but every time I think of that direction I get completely overwhelmed . I am really excited about our decision, there are so many more things that we can now do to our house that is not out of need but purely fun and just for our family. Our house really has a great floor plan and it is the perfect size for our family and it is location is good for work. Now I get to dream the fun projects.

Few things on the horizon since it has finally gotten nice my attention has turned to the outdoors.  I really  need to get grip on our landscaping which I have to say is not a strong point for me. We have 2 acres of land that needs to be cozied up. Here are some inspirations that I am toying with:

back yard



Thom Felicia

( wish we had the lake Smile)

divine landscapes

Perianal paradise

In the studio we have been super busy with a bunch of new projects.  Will post some photos as soon as they are closer to being done.

Not sure if you saw on my Facebook page my husband and I have launched Teaselwood Farm 

tf logo alonewhich is a collaboration between Elan Interiors and Timber Mountain Woodcraft. We are offering custom cabinets and furniture focused on farmhouse living. We will also have a farm house store on the site soon. Please stop by and take a look and like our Facebook page. Here are a few images from our new website

Andy Buckika of Teaslewood Farms

Andy Buckika of Teaslewood Farms

Well that is all for now I have one more project that is totally different that I will be sharing soon.


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