Thursday, September 26, 2013

Amazing clients and Wallpaper that I can’t keep secret.


I am working with the most wonderful, fun, and creative client, when I showed up at the initial meeting I was so thrilled because their home was an interior designers dream. The owner and I clicked immediately especially since she is a fellow letterpress junkie and has her own paper business.

The house is new construction with amazing bones~ great lighting, tile, cabinetry and layout. You are asking why they brought me in?  The house was void of any color, pattern, and furniture and she was craving graphic prints. They had be living that way for over a year.

swish Fabric that was presented

I was thrilled to be working with them and the ideas were flowing. Back at my studio I had to rein in all the ideas and create an overall scheme for their entire first floor. This design scheme that we presented to them  has become our design bible, it included a design board and a working booking with all the items that would make fantastic and cohesive design. We can look back at it and make sure we are on track even if we are not using all the exact products that I originally specified.


Fabric that was presented


And here is a sneak peak, the wallpaper is just amazing and has put life into the spaces. I just can’t keep it a secret here are some quick photos from yesterday’s installation.

photo (13)-002


photo (14)

photo (15)-001

I will be posting as progress is made. Next will be getting the dining room table delivered and the walls in the foyer.