Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Art is in the eye of the beholder


Have that trouble spot that is just screaming for art and  you do not necessarily want to spend a fortune on a masterpiece? Think outside the box for some really impactful ways to address your space.

Loving this idea of a beautiful frame with distressed stenciling, what a great idea for large scale art. This is definatly a jump start inspiration for a  project that is in the work.



You can do a lot with fabric panels this looks like a few yards of fabric mounted on a panel and framed.



How easy is this? Spray paint ceiling medallions and viola instant art. You can find ceiling medallions even at home depot and  there are a tone to choose from on line.

diy-wall-art-ceiling-rosettes.png (1)


Some of these ideas carry over well for spaces that you want to use wallpaper and do not want the cost associated with wallpapering a whole room.


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