Saturday, January 21, 2012

Local Spotlight


I wanted to spotlight a great new store that I found recently. Ms. Fit in Fayetteville NY.

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Ms. Fit Clothing ltd. is run by
"The Girls" Mary and Inez have been in business for thirty-one years and have enjoyed making the women of today a bit more stylish. "We have always been about dressing a sophisticated, modern, independent women with fresh fashion ideas"

I had gotten to know Inez a bit this summer before even going in her shop. I was always envious of her cool, casual look wondering where in the world did she find her clothes, I now know. I stopped in the other day and was blown away by the creative charge I received from the store. As a lover of fabrics and details I could not get over all the inspiration the clothing held.

Inez is awesome at pulling together outfits that I would have never imagined. She defiantly took me out of my comfort zone and that is exactly what I have been looking for. I love their philosophy on clothing which is similar to mine on the lines I carry for the home. It needs to be easy maintenance: wash, dry, wear.

Some of the designers they carry:


Krista Larsen I think is my favorite

KL 1

KL 2


Closer runner up is Magnolia Pearl






Other lines they carry Rundholz, Deca, Kokomarina and of course accessories: Robert Clergerie and Chan Luu.



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