Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finally Color!

I am so happy to see color in a kitchen that is not white or yellow. Don’t get me wrong I really like white kitchens and in my own kitchen the walls are yellow but so many kitchens are beginning to look the same.

I was just having a conversation with one of my reps yesterday about how old he gray and no or little color trend is becoming. When you live in this part of the country in central NY, especially at this time of year you just look outside and see all the gray you need. I think when you have great light like LA or Florida grays are beautiful and work. Here you need to be so careful that your inside does not look like one blob that blobs into the outside so I tend to tread very carefully with grays.

My new kitchen obsession is designed by Tobi Fairley and her mom Beverley Wells which is purely genius. I first saw this kitchen from blogger Maria Killiam who did I post on it and I had to share the photos. The original photos are from At Home Arkansas.


The turquoise cabinets are the perfect shade of blue. What is brilliant is the gray Corian countertops that tone down the cabinet color and blend in with the chrome and stainless.  Plus you have a chic kitchen pulling in the gray trend in but just the perfect amount of gray. Check out the dash and albert rug (Available at Elan Interiors Home Boutique) which pulls the floor and the cabinets together.


Window treatments is lovely too, in any other kitchen may look a bit fussy.


Pretty Christmas vignette



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