Saturday, April 10, 2010

Budget and Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Remodel

I want to share a small kitchen remodel that I just recently finished up.  I wish I had some before pictures because the transformation is incredible.

The original kitchen was probably last done in the 70’s the cabinets were a yellow birch, dated hardware, and awful curved drawers fronts. The lay out was totally dysfunctional with a U-shape. One of the arms that jutted out by the door had a half circle end with 3 shelves (junk catch all). The kitchen was really lacking in counter space.The dishwasher was on the other side of the room where she actually had to pull it across the room to the sink to use it. As extra counters space the home owner was using a table on the same side as the where the dishwasher and refrigerator was and the refrigerator was all together in a bad spot.

DSC_0007 Remodeled kitchen.

This is what we did:

Because the home owner did not have a huge budget and had to keep costs low we took the approach of cabinet refacing. The box construction of the cabinets were in great shape and made out of solid wood so it made sense.

We painted all the cabinets, changes out the hardware with simple pulls from Lowes, built new drawer fronts to a flat panel and had a few addition cabinets built on the other side of the room. We removed a cabinet next to the sink to accommodate for the dishwasher, removed the terrible arm so it was flush with the sink cabinets, purchased new appliances, lighting, sink and faucet. The floor was originally vinyl and that was replaced with hardwood. Solid surface countertops were were not in the budget we used soap stone laminate countertop-I love how it looks. The backsplash are inexpensive white tiles from Lowes. The overall look is crisp, clean and really shows my clients personality and fits right into the homes character.



This picture below shows the new base cabinets. The shelf above the home owner had and used it in the original kitchen but it was a bit awkward. We were able to reincorporate it in the remodel to make it look like it always was there.The cabinet was painted the same as the lower cabinets with the original hardware.



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