Thursday, February 4, 2010

Colors - Purple and Yellow

I am not sure if it is the black, white and grey of winter that is making me craving color. I am all of the sudden drawn to 2 colors-Purple and Yellow that I would usually not out together but I am loving the combination.

purple yellow

via country living

I have been seeing purple a lot in the last year or so in new fabric designs. Purple has always been one of those colors that I tend to shy away from I am not sure why. I do remember lavender being my favorite color when I was 8 maybe I over dosed the on the color way back then.

purple yellow apt ther

via Apartment Therapy

via hgtv

I think what makes all of these schemes work so well is that you are just getting a hit of the color with neutral surroundings.

When we moved into our house I painted the guest room Whisper Violet from Ben Moore and I love it. I do not have it paired with anything yellow at the moment but I am thinking that is something that I will need to do.

purpl yellow

This is my favorite. I find the wallpaper so intriguing with the yellow and purple.


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