Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Trees

Well what a crazy month. With in the last few weeks I have decorated a total of 9 trees, plus all the decorations for fireplace mantels, exteriors, etc.

I thought I would share my tree this year. I really love it. We had a little dilemma to work out this year and it is called a 2 year old. I had visions dancing in my head of him swinging from the top of the tree. So this is the year of the mini tree that I LOVE and will probably do it years to come.



This is the same tree that I did for my booth tree at the Mackenzie- Childs event. It was nice because from the event I ended up with a lot of new ornaments that I need.

This year I had a great time making custom tree toppers. DSC_0025






I did 3 other one’s for the Genesee Grande’s trees.

For the show I also had to decorate a 7’ tree so I made a really fun tree skirt for the occasion. The skirt is burlap and raw silk I love the contrast of the 2 materials together.



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