Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here it is….

I finally have my computer back after it became very sick. Amazing how much your life is ruled by one small machine.  After I started getting used to not having my computer t almost is nice not having it.

Any ways here is the exciting news I have been asked to participate in Home Again for the Holidays with Victoria and Richard Mackenzie-Childs. They have a new line of home goods which are just spectacular. Victoria and Richard Emprise check out their site. Victoria and Richard will be their giving a holiday inspiration presentation. I am so excited to meet both of them.

VRHomeagain1 (2)

The show is at the Genesee Grande on December 5th. Tickets are $25.00 and available at the Genesee Grande. There will be demonstrations all day. I will be going over the finer points on how to decorate a Christmas tree.

You can look at the schedule at 1060 Restaurant.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exciting News

I have some really exciting news to share with you all later today. Something that I have been asked to participate in. I will have all the details later today and I will let you in on the news.

It is so funny it seems like my mind has been on over load lately with projects- between the Hotel Skyler, various other projects that I have going on for clients, and preparing for Christmas decorating for 2 hotels and restaurants I feel like my brain can’t handle another thing to think. Unfortunately my blogging really seems to suffer. Then all of the sudden it seems the cloud lifts and I post 3 things all in a row. So please bare with me in my sporadic posting.


Check it out

I just started a blog for my husband. Please take a look it is still a bit rough but we are working on it. Unfortunately my husbands eyes seem to glaze over anytime I start talking about computers.

He is an awesome carpenter who can do just about anything. Timber Mountain Woodcraft 


He built these custom doors for one of my clients they really are amazing.

Laundry Room Finished

The Laundry room has been done for some time. I was waiting till I found that perfect piece of art to hang over the washer and dryer and have not found it. Here are the done pictures.

This was what was done with the existing mudroom. Where the window is it used to be a door. This house was very dysfunctional with 3- doors all in close proximity. The sloping ceiling are the stairs going to the second floor which were rebuilt. The original stairs were so step think ladder and then try caring a baby down –Yikes. We also were able to give the stairs more headroom. Under the stairs going up there were also stairs going to the basement which we took out. That is now where the washer and dryer sit. We added all the built in shelving and my laundry sink which is such a bonus.



1/2 way done


new laundry room


Custom built ins


Washer and dryer where stairs to basement were.

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