Monday, June 22, 2009

Before and After- Lake House Window Treatments

This is a lake house in Clayton NY that I have been working on. It is situated on an incredible piece of property that gives you 180 degree view of the St Laurence rive. Looking out the window you see huge ocean liners sailing right by, it is truly amazing.

The owners needed some updating in the bedrooms. Because we were on a budget we kept most of the bedding but replaced all the window treatments. This is a great example of how simple window treatments can update a room. The major goal on this project is not to block any of the view. I think that was accomplished with great window treatments that give personality to each of the bedrooms.


moquin and campbell 029




moquin and campbell 015 

(You can see my little helper is in the pack)



New inexpensive matelasse covers with custom shams to coordinate with the window treatments



moquin and campbell 025




I love how this treatment came out what you can not see is on the points there are buttons there is 4 different fabrics in this treatment

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scenes from the Yard

I think this is one of the best time of year everything is in bloom and it smells wonderful.

The Peonies this year have been spectacular the blooms have been huge and the smell amazing I would love to bottle it up



This year I have double the size of our vegetable garden we will see how that goes. I have 40 Tomato plants I think I might have over done them.

It does not look like much now but hopefully in a few months it will be bursting.