Monday, May 4, 2009

Farmhouse Flooring

I love old farmhouse flooring- Harwood. Our farm house was not so lucky we had this awful brown and tan super cheap Berber carpet through out the upstairs.  I knew under was hardwood flooring. I decided this weekend (Sat night) I could not take one more day of this. We have lived with it for 2- years.

One of the hardest thing I find now is when we do renovations projects  only 1-person can work on a while the other is watching our little one. Our other house that we made fast progress because we both could tackle projects.

This time I got smart, I arranged a babysitter. Sunday at nap time I started ripping, cutting, hauling and pulling staples.

Under the carpet is the original floor wide boards but they are in bad shape with a beautiful array of multi colored paint-gray, green, red, peach not pretty and not refinshable. Eventually we will need to put new hardwood in. Till then the floors will look smashing with a coat of Arcadia White.


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I am almost there I now have to get the paint brushes out- next weekend.


be your original best said...

let's see! LET'S SEE!!!!
it was great to see you last week!
we should plan more deliberate meetings... maybe with our husbands! :)

did you hear we are not moving? kinda sad - kinda good (our doing)instead- andy designed us a new house that looks old! we hope to tear down and start over... we meet with the planning board this week.

PS.Chloe is a good mothers helper for your next project! :)
PPS. loved the newsletter!

Unknown said...

great post!

Unknown said...

To add some creativity and style, try painting your farmhouse's hard wood floors (Los Angeles. I found it crafty whenever I see beautifully flooring. Redondo Beach house floors have black hardwood floors which sets contrast with the white walls. It's different and classy. Try it.

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