Friday, January 9, 2009

New Camera!---Yah!

I am so excited... I just received the big present to myself. I bought a new camera the Nikon D90 I am so thrilled to start getting some great images. I really went back and forth if it was too much camera but I am glad that I went with it. The photos are so crisp and clear even if I have it on the automatic setting.

I was a huge photograph student when I was in school. I was very fortunate to have a amazing art teacher Mrs. Lopinzito or Mrs Lop. I lived in art classes my Senior year and learned a ton. Now I have to buff up on that old skill and re-adjust everything for the digital age plus learn more. My poor step brother who is a photographer doesn't know it yet but I will probably be pestering him a lot to show me what to do.

Some images. My poor son thinks I have a camera growing out of my face But he is a big ham and loves it.
I will be at a clients today and installing. I will be snapping away. I will post this weekend.


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