Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tis Wedding Season

I am working on an out of the box project and am having a blast with it. I am helping the Gensee Grande create a vignette for their wedding show that is being put on by Well Wed Magazine I have designed beautiful sweet heart table linens and chair covers. We have also come up with an over the top floral arrangements that will make you think spring. Whistlestop florist is going to be helping us with the flowers I am also helping thewhistlestop with their sweet heart table table linens.

I can not tell details yet but I will. I can't wait to share images with you. It is going to be held at The Lodge in Skaneateles on Feb 7th I will try to post pictures as soon as I can after the show.

The Genesee Grande is also putting on a show March 1st 2009 at the Genesee Grande

We will be doing more exciting creative details for this show. Tons of great vendors are already signed up.

It is amazing all the fun ideas for weddings they have out there. So much more then when I was getting married. I would love to help plan a wedding you could have so much fun with colors and details.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

French Country House on the Hill- Master Bedroom/ Master Bathroom

This is the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom of the House on the Hill. These Window treatments added so much warmth to this room. It is a vast room that we are still the process of working on .

In the nest there are 5 eggs One for each Kid

Monday, January 12, 2009

French Country House on the Hill- Powder Room

This Powder Room was one of the biggest design challenges in this house. Design dilemma #1 Size it is narrow and long not particular big. Boy it looked alto bigger on paper.

This is the major bathroom that was going to be used so we really needed it to be a creative and unique room.
We came up with a outdoor provincial garden inspiration. The sink is uber cool being that it is a urn for planting outside. Finding a urn that was the correct size was design dilemma #2 and design dilemma # 3 getting it all to work.
We had the walls faux painted. It was a challenge coming up with something that would work with the size and shape of the room. All in all I think it came out super cool.

French Country House on the Hill- Kitchen/ Living area

These clients came to me about 2 1/2 years ago to help them design this fabulous home. It has been a wonderful project and has really pushed me as a designer to be out of the box and use my creativity.
They were great to work with, they had been collecting magazine pictures for years of what they wanted. Their goal was a French Country home with simple with easy to use spaces and furnishings.
The kitchen / living space was probably the most important space to them.
Colors were pulled from the art work over the stove. The views are amazing out the windows.
Counter tops are Danby Marble which I happen to think is the prettiest marble and soapstone.

My talented husband crafted the floor out of wide plank white oak and a ceramic like limestone. He also built the mantels, and shelving in the kitchen out of reclaimed chestnut. The amazing pantry shelving which is not settled in yet are also built by him.

This ottoman from Lorts is so cool it has a tray that pulls out of it to set your beverage on.

Love, Love, Love this chandelier has wonderful sconces that match.

Check out my posts from earlier showing the design process for this back splash it actually changed even more when we realized what was on paper was not going to work.
La Cornue Stove how cool is that color.

Great Herbeau facuet


Bar with kegorator and wine storage

The strange doors to the right are very cool they go in to the kitchen but on the kitchen side they look like cabinets. We still need to pretty up the shelving they just moved in.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Camera!---Yah!

I am so excited... I just received the big present to myself. I bought a new camera the Nikon D90 I am so thrilled to start getting some great images. I really went back and forth if it was too much camera but I am glad that I went with it. The photos are so crisp and clear even if I have it on the automatic setting.

I was a huge photograph student when I was in school. I was very fortunate to have a amazing art teacher Mrs. Lopinzito or Mrs Lop. I lived in art classes my Senior year and learned a ton. Now I have to buff up on that old skill and re-adjust everything for the digital age plus learn more. My poor step brother who is a photographer doesn't know it yet but I will probably be pestering him a lot to show me what to do.

Some images. My poor son thinks I have a camera growing out of my face But he is a big ham and loves it.
I will be at a clients today and installing. I will be snapping away. I will post this weekend.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

There is nothing better then smelling and devouring a loaf of fresh bread! I was always convinced till now that you has to be born with the dough gene. My husband is amazing at whipping up bread. The incredible thing about him is he does it with out a recipe. I do not know how he is able to do it, he just whips it up. Now I on other hand follow a bread recipe to a T and it sometimes comes out OK others it does not even come close. I also hate going to the store and paying over $2.50 or more for OK bread that cost probably 50 cents.

Till now -I bought this cookbook for my husband for Christmas so I could have some more delicious homemade bread. I have taken this book over... it is the most amazingly easy and yummy way to make bread!!! No more needing and more needing and letting it rise and rise and rise. This book deletes most of those steps so you seriously some days only spend 5 minutes on the bread.
Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois.

I recommend any one who likes fresh bread to get this cookbook!