Friday, December 11, 2009

Chair Before and After

This is a project that I just completed. The finished chairs looks so amazing.

This is what the chair started as. I was able to get this from a hotel remodel and they were just happy to get rid of it. The chairs are all in really great condition with great classic style that just needed a little TLC.






I repainted with a black lacquer paint and recovered in a black and tan ticking stripe. They are so timeless with a bit of an edge.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Trees

Well what a crazy month. With in the last few weeks I have decorated a total of 9 trees, plus all the decorations for fireplace mantels, exteriors, etc.

I thought I would share my tree this year. I really love it. We had a little dilemma to work out this year and it is called a 2 year old. I had visions dancing in my head of him swinging from the top of the tree. So this is the year of the mini tree that I LOVE and will probably do it years to come.



This is the same tree that I did for my booth tree at the Mackenzie- Childs event. It was nice because from the event I ended up with a lot of new ornaments that I need.

This year I had a great time making custom tree toppers. DSC_0025






I did 3 other one’s for the Genesee Grande’s trees.

For the show I also had to decorate a 7’ tree so I made a really fun tree skirt for the occasion. The skirt is burlap and raw silk I love the contrast of the 2 materials together.


Victoria and Richard

The  Victoria and Richard Mackenzie-Childs event was great. They are amazing people and artists.  I was able to meet the whole family and see all of their new home line of pottery, cool little occasional pieces and jewelry.


I love this ottoman


Lunch plate from line of dinner wear. Amazing story behind this they are manufactured from clay I think from China that is super smooth and then there is a special process for the design that happens in Italy. They are super strong and can go into oven, microwave, and dishwasher- my type of plate.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera for this event and could not take pictures of their amazing table that they styled.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Here it is….

I finally have my computer back after it became very sick. Amazing how much your life is ruled by one small machine.  After I started getting used to not having my computer t almost is nice not having it.

Any ways here is the exciting news I have been asked to participate in Home Again for the Holidays with Victoria and Richard Mackenzie-Childs. They have a new line of home goods which are just spectacular. Victoria and Richard Emprise check out their site. Victoria and Richard will be their giving a holiday inspiration presentation. I am so excited to meet both of them.

VRHomeagain1 (2)

The show is at the Genesee Grande on December 5th. Tickets are $25.00 and available at the Genesee Grande. There will be demonstrations all day. I will be going over the finer points on how to decorate a Christmas tree.

You can look at the schedule at 1060 Restaurant.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exciting News

I have some really exciting news to share with you all later today. Something that I have been asked to participate in. I will have all the details later today and I will let you in on the news.

It is so funny it seems like my mind has been on over load lately with projects- between the Hotel Skyler, various other projects that I have going on for clients, and preparing for Christmas decorating for 2 hotels and restaurants I feel like my brain can’t handle another thing to think. Unfortunately my blogging really seems to suffer. Then all of the sudden it seems the cloud lifts and I post 3 things all in a row. So please bare with me in my sporadic posting.


Check it out

I just started a blog for my husband. Please take a look it is still a bit rough but we are working on it. Unfortunately my husbands eyes seem to glaze over anytime I start talking about computers.

He is an awesome carpenter who can do just about anything. Timber Mountain Woodcraft 


He built these custom doors for one of my clients they really are amazing.

Laundry Room Finished

The Laundry room has been done for some time. I was waiting till I found that perfect piece of art to hang over the washer and dryer and have not found it. Here are the done pictures.

This was what was done with the existing mudroom. Where the window is it used to be a door. This house was very dysfunctional with 3- doors all in close proximity. The sloping ceiling are the stairs going to the second floor which were rebuilt. The original stairs were so step think ladder and then try caring a baby down –Yikes. We also were able to give the stairs more headroom. Under the stairs going up there were also stairs going to the basement which we took out. That is now where the washer and dryer sit. We added all the built in shelving and my laundry sink which is such a bonus.



1/2 way done


new laundry room


Custom built ins


Washer and dryer where stairs to basement were.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wedding Show

I have been a bit slack on keeping my post up to date. 

Here are some photos of the last wedding show I did a few weeks ago for the Genesee Grande.

Table theme was Rustic elegance to tie into fall. Unfortunately I did not get a great photo of the chair covers and table cloth that I did.

Chairs had a tailor skirt that was scalloped at the bottom with the green just peaking out at the bottom. The table I used 2 clothes. the underlayment cloth was to look like burlap and the green topper that you see had a scalloped edge work. I will have to get some photos to post -so cute.











Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hotel Skyler Healthy Building Booth

Here is the booth for Hotel Skyler This is all about green. All bedding is Organic Cotton and Wool, Bamboo or Ingeo. (Ingeo fibers, the world's first commercially viable synthetic fiber derived entirely from renewable resources). Bed is made from FSC lumber and upholstered using soy based foam, batting from recycled material and Hemp fabric. Stump tables are from blow down trees recycled from the local dump. That were striped of bark sanded and low VOC finished.





Healthy Building Conference and Exhibition

Come check out the booth for Hotel Skyler at the healthy building exhibition- Healthy Building Conference. This conference is all over the world and this year they have chosen Syracuse, NY.

I have been working on the booth design for Hotel Skyler.This will be Syracuse’s first LEEDS certified hotel.


We will be putting a actual bed in the booth that is as green as possible. We install today I will hope to update with photos later today.

Before and After Window Treatments

This is a before and after of a commercial job that we are in the process of working on. It is a community center that the client wanted to add custom window treatments to.

The window treatments add a lot of life and color to these rooms.


Before recreation room




Before conference room




Before Office Space



Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I have been MIA for a while! I have been trying to enjoy the summer so my postings have not been too current. This is some things that I have been up to:

My Family and I took a nice and much needed break to Vermont and New Hampshire. We visited family and  we were able to check out where we used to live in Northern New Hampshire. Boy have things changed in Lincoln. photo1

white_mountains_07_large Unfortunately the Man in the Mountain is no longer

We took my son on his first hike up Osceola trial which was awesome, My son was amazing did not get too antsy of course he has it easy in the pack- Go Daddy Go…

My Husband rode to the top of Killington Mountain on his single speed which was a huge climb! 09-Summer-MTN_Bike_Trail-Map

Back in the Studio:

Have you noticed the new Blog Banner- how fun is it!

Check out my site Elan Interiors there are new photos up and a few changes here and there. Be sure to click on the newsletter page you can see all the past issues and subscribe if you would like to receive monthly.

I have been working like crazy on an upcoming Hospitality project I will post some more soon on that.  I have been also working on a fabulous bathroom renovations that I am so excited about. And Little things here and there. I will post more as I get presentation boards going.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lucky Girl

I am really addicted to ribbon, I just love everything about it the amazing colors and patterns.

I recently had all my ribbon in a basket and it has been driving me crazy. Every time I try to see what is in the basket I can’t see all of my ribbon and everything is all tangled. After months of pestering my husband to help me build a ribbon holder he finally built it.


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Monday, July 6, 2009

Old Fashion Benefit Bazaar

If you are in the Skaneateles area this weekend 7-11-09 there is a great benefit going on please come and check it out. All proceeds are going to Susan Major’s journey to health.



There is going to be great finds from many local artists.

I have donated a couple of pillows that are so cute I wanted to keep them myself. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of them.

Shelly from Drooz Studio has taken on this huge job of organizing this and reaching out to many people in the community. It should be a great event.

See you there.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Before and After- Lake House Window Treatments

This is a lake house in Clayton NY that I have been working on. It is situated on an incredible piece of property that gives you 180 degree view of the St Laurence rive. Looking out the window you see huge ocean liners sailing right by, it is truly amazing.

The owners needed some updating in the bedrooms. Because we were on a budget we kept most of the bedding but replaced all the window treatments. This is a great example of how simple window treatments can update a room. The major goal on this project is not to block any of the view. I think that was accomplished with great window treatments that give personality to each of the bedrooms.


moquin and campbell 029




moquin and campbell 015 

(You can see my little helper is in the pack)



New inexpensive matelasse covers with custom shams to coordinate with the window treatments



moquin and campbell 025




I love how this treatment came out what you can not see is on the points there are buttons there is 4 different fabrics in this treatment

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scenes from the Yard

I think this is one of the best time of year everything is in bloom and it smells wonderful.

The Peonies this year have been spectacular the blooms have been huge and the smell amazing I would love to bottle it up



This year I have double the size of our vegetable garden we will see how that goes. I have 40 Tomato plants I think I might have over done them.

It does not look like much now but hopefully in a few months it will be bursting.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Mama and her babies