Monday, December 15, 2008

All things that sparkle and are bright

It once again has been a bit since my last post. I have been a little elf decorating everywhere for Christmas.

I usually start at Thanksgiving time and do all the decorations at the Genesee Grande Hotel. At the hotel I usually do 2 huge trees on in the lobby and one in the ballroom. In addition I do 2 med trees, lots of garland and bows, small vignettes here and there. Then it is off the the Parkview hotel to do a few things to get in the festive mood.

Tree in main Lobby Gensee Grande Hotel

Main Lobby
Bar Vignette

Then it is off to another house to decorate which I will take pictures of and post and somewhere in the mix I get to do my house. I was putting garland on the outside at 8:30 at night the other night I think my neighbors think I am crazy.

The tree actually was naked in my house for 5 days till I had a chance to decorate it. It drove my husband crazy since I was such a pest to get the tree.

This is how I addressed my mantel on our salvaged fireplace mantel the photo does not do the tree in the middle justice.

In my trees I always love putting in items that you find in nature I love using birds and silk flowers and glittering branches. Off course you have to use beautiful ribbon as well. I find the best deals on ribbon at Sam's club of all places. Another great place I have found ornaments especially the birds is Martha Stewart at Kmart they usually sell out early.

I am brewing up new ideas for next years trees at the hotel and at my house. This year coming I am convinced I will be more organized and order everything in the summer. Ha -but who wants to think of Christmas in August.


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