Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is it a skirt or sink skirt?

I think this sink skirt turned out so cute! I can see skirt made very similar-hmmm maybe I will make one.
I find that there are not a lot of choices in design for sink skirts and that is why I think this looks so cool.
The 3 sides are flat and the corners are gathered.
The walls are glazed and a stencil was applied the same peacock color as the skirt.


Bijou salon said...

I need a bathroom skirt, seriously! for the bathroom at Bijou, in fact that would work perfectly! How do you sew it and can it be glue'd..haha don't laugh, i'm only half serious!

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Mila Ralls said...

This is a great decorative decision! I really like this idea. The skirts I saw in the shop are very standard and common, and if it's simply to make it by yourself this is perfect. I always look through review of about handmade designs but even they didn't have such ideas. This weekend I will try to make it for my sink. Thank you!

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