Thursday, August 28, 2008

Working with a Interior Designer

Many people feel intimidated to work with an interior designer and that designers are only for the rich and famous. This is not true-most designers will work with a variety of different budgets. Designers, because of there training and expertise and experienced will help you solve problems and avoid costly mistakes. Designers also help you optimize your funds. Saves money and time by purchasing products for you.

What happens when you decide to work with a designer:

  • They will make an appointment for the initial consultation. Some designers do not charge for this but many will charge you an hourly rate.The designers will come out to the space and talk to you to get an idea of what you are looking for.

  • Take pictures and measure existing spaces and pieces of furniture and anything else that will help them.

  • Go back to the studio and put together a presentation. This may take a couple of weeks depending on the size of the project.

  • The designer will present a presentation with samples, drawings, and idea of budget numbers.

  • If everything is OK they go ahead with your consent and implement what was presented.

  • Expect anything that needs to be custom made or special ordered at least 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Ways designer charge for there services:

  • An hourly rate

  • Hourly rate, plus commission

  • Flat fee

  • Flat fee, plus commission

  • Straight commission

  • Price per square foot

  • Net cost, plus fee

  • Retainer

  • Or a combination of the above

Some other tips:

  • Go through magazines and tare out pictures of things you like and don’t like this will help the designer find out what direction to go.

  • Think about what type of budget you have and talk to the designer about it. Many people don’t want to talk about money but this helps the designer with what to show you. Even if your budget is small and you need to do things piece by piece be up front with the designer they will be more then happy to work with you.

  • Time frame issues -be up front with the designer, design work takes time. Designer are not magician they for the most part can not make things happen over night like the reality TV shows like you to think.

  • Keep an open mind, communicate-If the designer is going a way you do not like tell them

  • Look around your home is there something that you just love show it to the designer it may be the starting point of the room.


Krystyna81 said...

The same can be true with working with an artist. I have created custom artwork and portraits for clients and their designers in all price ranges. Thank you for dispelling part of the myth that this kind of work is only for the very rich.

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