Sunday, August 17, 2008

8-8-08 Party

I have finally recovered from the party last weekend. I thought I would post some pictures I hope someone took some pictures of the desserts because they were just too beautiful. It was a blast planning it and doing with all sorts of fun details that I love to do.
Here are some shots:
These invitation were very cool

Wrapped Silverware

Favors inside were sugar cookie 8's

Amazing floral arrangements

Bar with citrus center piece and custom tablecloth that I designed

The day really started off terribly with the skies just opening up and gushing water! We scrambled at last minute to find a tent (what were we thinking not having one to begin with) but the evening turned out beautiful.

Everyone pitched in scrambling at last minute to set up the bar under the tent. It was amazing they sent over such a cute tent with the yellow stripes it matched the citrus arrangement perfectly.

Few Shots from the party


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