Monday, July 21, 2008

Bring Some Nature to Your Rooms

I was reading through this months House Beautiful and thought this was such a great idea. In this Florida home they pictured a dining room using framed grass yoga mats on the walls. It is a great option to grass cloth but gives the same type of feel of natural texture and is less expensive then most grass cloths.

House Beautiful

Online the grass cloth yoga mats run anywhere from $30.00- $80.00 the mats usually are 72" x 24" which creates a nice size panel. This company seemed to have some unusual ones or you can try

You will need an experienced Carpenter to add the molding around the mats and to hang the mats if they don't feel they can you hang the mats you will need an experienced paper hanger. The type of molding you add is endless choices but I think I would try for something simple. If you did not want to stay with the natural colors you could paint the mats to fit with your color scheme. (do a test on the mat to see how the paint reacts)

When you are done you have a great looking wall treatment that brings in great texture and nature into your room.


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