Sunday, June 1, 2008

Window Treatment Before and After

I want to share a window treatment job that was just installed this week. Window treatments are one of my favorite things that I get to work on. There are so many amazing designs that can be used on windows. I love looking at the space and designing the perfect treatment. Each design will create a totally different look and feel to a room. Fabric is a incredible way to warm up a room and with so many wonderful fabrics to choose from you can really have fun.

The window treatments shown are in a home that is in a wonderful old 1920's neighborhood in Syracuse. I have been working on the project for over 4 years. We took the existing house and added on a huge family room and garage to the first floor. In the living and dining room we opened up doorways to give it more of an open feel. The kitchen was completely gutted and more space was taken from a hallway to make it a family room/ kitchen. Upstairs we created a master suite out of 2 bedrooms and added on a sunroom. In the attic we created a guest suite with a full bathroom. The attic was originally a maids quarters with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom . The bathroom was really cool because every thing was original in mint condition.

OK enough of the history of the project.....

Window treatments before and after in the living room and dining room.

The fabric used in the dining room is a beautiful muted coral with gold ferns I used the reverse side of the fabric. The color picks up the tones in the rug and a Asian screen that is not pictured

The living room I used a Navy Blue silk that has a great little trim in the same color as the dining rooms fabric

I used the same drapery hardware in both rooms. It is a fabulous line called Paris Texas Hardware they have such a beautiful finish on the rods, finals, arms, and rings.

Overall I can't believe the difference in the two rooms just by putting window treatments in. The nice things is that the treatments are really simple and do not take anything away from the view but overall gives a finished feeling to the room.


Jane said...

Beautiful fabric and trim!

Anonymous said...

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