Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer Tablecloth

Summer is all about simplifying.
This tablecloth is a great idea and easy project to do.


A table cloth that will work on a really long table and is user friendly is not something that is easy to find.

Summer is plain just too short to deal with ironing.

I think this is a great inexpensive solution for a easy to maintain table cloth. I bought 4 beach towels at Marshalls for $12.99 each. I seamed 2 beach towels together, I have done this with 2 sections. I thought seaming 4 beach towels together maybe too much to deal with and you have more freedom this way . When you need both sections for large family functions you can tie them together with clothes pins or safety pins. Another way to bring the 2 sections together is to add ties with ribbon or cut up a towel for ties. To dress it up I thought about adding grosgrain ribbon in navy blue along the edges or you can border it with a fabric.
Walla you have the ultimate table cloth for a lobster bake that you can through in the wash when you are done.



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