Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photo Shoot- Fayetteville Residence

This home was a addition and total remodel. The original home belonged to the husbands grandparents so keeping the integrity of the house was really important to this family. With 4- very active kids involved in hockey and all sorts of school activities the original house was too small and not functioning. Ed Harrington was the architect on this project and did an amazing job tying in the new structure with the old.

Before Exterior

Exterior After
Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Kitchen - I wish I had a picture of the before kitchen because it was a non functioning I do not think had been touched since the 1950's

Living Room- New Part Of House

I love this Chandelier in the Powder Room

Mudroom - Each child has their own space

Guest Room Bathroom- New Section of House

Upstairs Master Before- Now One of the Boys RoomsBoys Room After

Youngest Girls Room Before


Before the Bathroom Upstairs

After- Now Boys Bathroom

Oldest Girls Room After


After- Youngest Boys

What a great project this has been, we are still working on rooms! We really had fun bringing each child's personality into their rooms. Organization was one of the most important things in this project to the owners. We used a lot of built-ins in the bedrooms and gave each child their own space when walking into the house. To give the house even more uniqueness and personality we also did a lot of faux painting which came out amazing. The Dining room panels are all glazed and then a decorative muralist came in and did the floral detailing. It really came out amazing.


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Unknown said...

The house looks amazing Charity!
I need you to come do mine!!!!!!!

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