Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung at Elan Interiors and time for some changes!

This is our new logo that I am very excited about:

The new website is up and going check it out http://www.elaninteriordesign.com/

I can't believe I started all of this in the beginning of February and finally it is ready. I think the website will be always evolving so make sure you check back. I am also Blogging which will be very new for me and I am excited to start writing. In my blog I will be sharing new and exciting products that I scout out, happening in the day and life of an interior designer and progress with my remodel on my house.

All of the new changes to my site and logo were done with the help of Cara at http://www.marquiscreative.com/. Cara has been a huge help and very talented graphic designer! I had been looking for a graphic designer that had a great almost boutique style for over a year and I was so happy when I found Cara's website.

I will be adding some new pictures to my site within the next week or so.I have a photo shoot set up this week at a lake house that I have been working on for over 4 years. It is set in a gorgeous location in a very undeveloped area in Henderson Harbor, NY. Working with the architect Ed Harrington it took about 4 different drafts of plans of different style homes to come up with the final layout/ plans.

Also scheduled for my photo shoot is a house that I have been working on for 3 years in Fayetteville, NY. It was a great project and working with a terrific family. The clients had bought the house from the husbands grandparents. Nothing in the house had really changed it seemed since the 1950's. Unfortunately with 4 active kids they were quickly growing out of it and the layout did not meet the needs of a family of 2008. Trying to retain the integrity of the original house we worked again with he architect Ed Harrington to save the existing structure and add on the space the family needed.

I will be working with the photographer Tom Fernandez on the photo shoots. I worked with him while shooting pictures at the Genesee Grande in Syracuse on a bunch of interior work that I did. You can check out some of his photos at http://www.geneseegrande.com/ go to the gallery section.

I will be sharing more of these projects with pictures within a couple of days.


Unknown said...

Everything looks fantastic! Love the new site & blog!!!
You do such beautiful work Charity.

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