Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photo Shoot and Laundry Room

The photo shoot was successful. I am still waiting to see the photos. I can not wait to see them. I will share as soon as I can.It was a whirl wind. It took 2 days to get all the shots that I wanted and one of the houses we only did half of it!

When you look at all of the shelter magazines and it is amazing the detail that they show in the rooms. My mother-in-law actually won one of the contests done by Better Homes and Garden Windows. She told me they were there for 2 days photographing just her windows.

I love styling it is so much fun you get to work with beautiful flowers and shop for great props. It is really interesting when photographing a room because when you are a designer you are used to looking at the whole room you have to remember that you are only seeing a part of that room and the details have to be perfect. Beds are the hardest to photograph the camera picks up every little wrinkle and funny laying pillow. I always need to look on the computer to see everything that the camera is picking up because so often you don't see it with your eye.

There has been lots of action happening at our house lately:
I finally have a partial laundry room it was my mother's day present My husband worked on it for 2 weekends.
We demoed out our old mudroom and took out the stair to the basement. Replaced the door with a window (which at the moment is a sheet of plywood) and got rid of all the old cabinetry.

We will be also ripping out those old stairs and putting in new ones but I have to wait a few weeks for that to happen. Till that happens I have to live with my washer and dryer in a ripped apart room with no sheet rock or floor.

At least I am able to do laundry. I love my new washer and dryer! Life is so much easier with a front loader when you have a child and it saves an amazing amounts of water and energy. It uses something like 6 gallons of water per load. I am working on the color scheme, light fixtures, and storage. It will be a great room when it is done but somehow when you are married to a carpenter you are the last to get things done.


Libby O said...

Hi Charity,
It was great to see photos of the laundry room project Andy has been telling me about. Thanks for the photos of Skye.
Your new website looks terrific!

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